Neo Cryptocurrency Tipped To Fall

NEO has been falling steadily since February 27, the price of Neo has fallen from $142 to $83. Although the whole market is currently down Neo is suffering due to a series of misfortunes that makes the future look bleak.

Neo Chart 13032018

The problems are due to technical issues on NEOs network itself, it started with a faulty consensus node going offline and leaving the network hanging for some time. The problems did not stop there some users are reporting that some transactions are not being properly broadcasted and even getting lost on the way to the destination.

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This blog post started as a reply to a comment on New Initial Coin Offering ICO – DADI – I Will Be Investing! however the reply was quite lengthy! I’ve added it as a blog post so those who have registered with DADI via my blog can read further before deciding to buy when the ICO goes on public sale on Monday. If you have further questions that you would like discussing add them to the comments section. Continue Reading “DADI Q&A”


Some good news with DADI for you today and a last call to complete your KYC if you have not done so already so.

On Monday DADI went on presale hitting it’s cap the same day. Demand is there and this is a good sign that we will see a rise in price when DADI is made available on an exchange, they have released that they plan to move to an exchange in the second quarter of 2018.

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When Will The Cryptocurrency Market Rise Again?

1 week on from my blog post Top 200 Cryptocurrencies Are Down Today and the top Cryptocurrencies have still not recovered.

In fact the total Cryptocurrency market capitalisation is sat at $492 billion which is another $66 billion down from the 16th, in total $236 billion has been wiped out since 15th january, that’s a 32.5% drop in market capitalisation. As with most people invested in Cryptocurrencies right now my open trades are taking an hammering so I’ve taken a couple traders opinions on when they think Bitcoin and ultimately the markets will take an upturn.

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New Initial Coin Offering ICO – DADI – I Will Be Investing!

After much anticipation the ICO I will be investing in is DADIRegister here to take a look around.


Using the Case Study on Ethlend I posted last week as a mould, i’m going to show you why I will be investing in DADI.

As I did with Ethlend I will be scrutinising DADI using the following equation:


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My Ether Wallet (MEW) Alternative –

As you are aware I am going to be participating in my first ICO at the end of the month and I need an Ethereum wallet that uses ERC-20 technology which Coinbase does not use. In How To Participate In and Buy a New Crypto Coin at Launch ICO (Initial Coin Offering) I suggest using My Ether Wallet (MEW) however it is not newbie friendly and leaves you open to phishing scams as you have to access your wallet via their website.

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Top 200 Cryptocurrencies Are Down Today

I sat down with a cup coffee earlier on today to check my Etoro copy trading account and nearly needed a new laptop. $500 has been wiped from my copy traders with the problem seeming to worsen the further I looked into it.

At the moment out of the top 200 currencies on Coin Market Cap only 5 of them are in the green with the average being down 25%.

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How to Buy Ripple (XRP)

One of the more popular search terms driving people towards my blog at the moment is “How to Buy Ripple”. Although you can find this information within other posts on my blog I thought I would put together a guide along with fees to make it easier to digest.

At the moment there are 2 possible ways you can buy Ripple. Using CFDs or owning the coin outright. You can see a larger write up on these options here: Why Use CFDs? I Want to Own The Cryptocoin!

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What Makes a Successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO): Case Study – Ethlend

As you know I will be participating in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at the end of the month. If you have not done so already you can sign up to be notified when I complete my post on why I am choosing to invest in the ICO:

That being said I thought it would be useful to pull apart a successful ICO Ethlend and try to understand what made it possible.

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