This blog post started as a reply to a comment on New Initial Coin Offering ICO – DADI – I Will Be Investing! however the reply was quite lengthy! I’ve added it as a blog post so those who have registered with DADI via my blog can read further before deciding to buy when the ICO goes on public sale on Monday. If you have further questions that you would like discussing add them to the comments section.

The comment:

Hi James

What are your thoughts on these 7 questions regarding the Dadi ICO?


First of all Andy this is my first ICO investment so my experience is limited.

I’ve wrote a few points for each item of the article. Let me know what you think:

1. Do they really have the tech chops to challenge the likes of Amazon & Microsoft?   

  • The author states that DADI is run by marketing guys however states that there is 16 relevant CVs within this same point. 16 tech guys is more than your regular ICO has.
  • Overlapping in 7 CVs? Im struggling to see what DADI needs to answer here and how this is negative?

2. How come the numbers don’t add up?   

  • The majority of this point is around stating $500 million rather than $590 million in calculations and that if they can get this wrong what else can they get wrong. Really?
  • The point on growth is also irrelevant as they will have a $29 million cash injection and the publicity the ICO has given which they have not had previously.

3. Why have they underestimated scaling? 

  • The author of the article states they are not an expert on fog computing and neither am I. I cannot find anything online stating that the scaling of fog computing is reliant on 5g. Can you?

4. Why aren’t they showing us their crown jewels? 

  • I work in the B2B industry myself and this is common practice. The likelihood is that their current customers are paying different prices. Although I think they will need a set price list once their new technology goes live.

5. Where’s the true crypto devotion? 

  • Why would they build a Cryptocoin if they did not need to?
  • They will need a wallet for the ICO to take place so this will be built before the launch.

6. Why ask for $29 million when $1 million will apparently do? 

  • This point is not referenced so i’m not sure where the author has seen it however in this same point the author implies that DADI will need more than $29 million to take on the likes of Amazon. They are also retaining 50% of public sale tokens which is possibly another $25 million using the public sale price.
  • “Plenty of VCs will invest $10 million+ in a company that is turning over $1.9 million.” I’m not sure how the author is qualified to make this assumption.

7. 300 years of combined networking and they can only find ONE advisor?

  • You had me at 300 years combined experience. Just think, most ICOs are start ups and are looking for guidance, if DADI can build the technology described within their whitepaper with the “combined 300 years experience” then that will work for me.

The article does not feel very deep and a lot of it is just nit picking.

The one problem I had to have a good think about is not listed in the article and that was using parts of SONM whitepaper as their own, the technologies are similar and the writer of the whitepaper messed up. For me it feels like there is now a race ongoing for a fog computing project that will take market share off the likes Amazon AWS,  the attractive pricing amongst other benefits will mean the winner will take market share at lightning speed. Hopefully DADI can build the technology in time to take this advantage, i’m also hoping that the publicity around DADI will give it the edge over competitors and that the SONM incident has just helped provide more publicity.

Looking at ICOs from afar I see them as punts – you could lose your money. Even the ICOs that have on paper the best team in the world could see their project fail.

The majority of ICOs are start ups based on ideas that are difficult to understand tied up within jargon in their whitepapers. DADI is not a start up and I can see what they are trying to achieve with the technology and where the market is so for me makes it the safest “punt” out there right now.

Like I said this is my first ICO so I may be wrong on some points above. If you disagree with anything I have wrote feel free to add it to the comments!

6 thoughts on “DADI Q&A

  1. As we’ve previously discussed via email i completely agree with your sentiment of ICO’s being a punt, and being completely honest my investment in DADI is 75% your research and only 25% of my own. Taking that into account i only invest what i can afford to lose and i think this point is even more important on ICO’s than other higher risk investments i am currently involved in.

    95% of ICO’s are going to make a small gain or small/big loss but i think if you believe in an idea and think it will do well there is a chance of huge gains. I believe there is a gap in the market here, can DADI fill it, maybe not but us backers can hope.

    I’ve also got involved with a couple of projects that focus on making crypto trading more accessible and cheaper to the masses as i personally believe there is a huge gap in the market here, but once again will my ICO make it?

  2. Hi James,

    Thank you for your information regarding the steps needed to take in order to participate.

    I have created a myethereum wallet, transferred ethereum to it from coinbase, registered with DADI and inputted my wallet address there. Do I then need to transfer from my ethereum wallet TO my dadi account or does putting my wallet address in mean that I am in a position to purchase immediately on Monday 29th?

    Thanks so much if you can let me know, Dolores

    1. Hi Dolores, good question! I have just been asking a few questions in their Telegram. A wallet address will become available on your dashboard on Monday 29th at 12:00 UTC (Currently the same as 12:00 GMT).

      1. Hi James,

        Thanks for that – much appreciated. Thanks also for your thoughts on their white paper on another of your posts, as that was the first thing my friend mentioned to me when I mentioned DADI to her.

  3. Thank you James for your prompt reply, I really appreciate your feedback! Like Set Ben above, I rely more on expert opinion than my own research, I’m simply not well versed enough to validate what other commentators write. Does it look like a good team – yes, does it look like a good product – hell yes, can they steal a march on competitors or make a dent into the big boys – that’s the bit we need to hope on. If I stick to what I can afford to lose and make an educated punt then hope for the best!!

    Thanks once again – keep up the good work! I like your blogs!

  4. Thanks for the comments Ste and Andy.

    As long as everyone who’s participating understands that there is a risk of losing their money then it should be a fun ride!

    I’ll keep the blog updated with DADI movements and I also have a few other ICOs I have my eye on that I will post about over the next few weeks.

    Have a good weekend!

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