Top 200 Cryptocurrencies Are Down Today

I sat down with a cup coffee earlier on today to check my Etoro copy trading account and nearly needed a new laptop. $500 has been wiped from my copy traders with the problem seeming to worsen the further I looked into it.

At the moment out of the top 200 currencies on Coin Market Cap only 5 of them are in the green with the average being down 25%.

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A Look into Dash Cryptocurrency

If you would like to buy Dash you can do so here.

As most of you know by now I use Etoro to automatically copy Crypto traders. My best performing trader at the moment is Jay Smith (jaynemesis).

Jay trades multiple Crypto currencies however one of his most successful is Dash. At the moment Dash is trading at $1137. Which is up from when Jay opened the below trades at the beginning of December for at $727. Not many people I speak to about Cryptocurrency know much about Dash so this article is to bring you a background to one of the best performing Cryptocurrencies.

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