Missed It! Not Enough Gas!

So after all the build up I managed to miss the public sale!

sold out dadi

I was ready at 12pm to send funds from Coinbase to Metamask then to send from Metamask to DADI.

The trial run I completed took only a minute to send 0.02 Ethereum from Coinbase to Metamask.

At 12.08 I sent 1.5 Ether over to Metamask from Coinbase and it is still pending now at 13.36. The problem apparently is the amount of “Gas” Coinbase uses as standard.

gas transaction

As you can see above that 30 gas was used for this transaction. I know now that this is the reward for processing your transaction. At time of ICO launches like today there are many more transactions to be processed than usual so the transaction queue will be prioritised by gas. 30 gas is apparently not enough to get a transaction processed at times of high volume! I had a feeling my first ICO would not go smoothly maybe I should have moved from Coinbase to Metamask yesterday.

Looks like I’ve missed the boat now! Doh!

Did anyone manage to transfer before they sold out?

15 thoughts on “Missed It! Not Enough Gas!

  1. Hi , James. I missed the boat as well. Do you recommend returning the eth in my cipher wallet back to coinbase or does it really matter?

    1. Hi Mick, I will be doing as the 2 tier (SMS) security on Coinbase is a lot safer. I have my eye on a few other ICOs I will do a post this week.

      1. Hi James, everything I read or see on YouTube says exchanges are the worst place to leave your funds. Far better off in some kind of offline wallet. I’m using the metamask chrome extension which I’ve heard a lot of good things about. What do you think?


        1. Hi Andy, well done!

          Yep I will be planning the ICO better next time.

          It will be safer in an offline wallet as its not easily accessed. It’s personal choice on the level of risk you want to take Metamask is working for me though.

  2. Was online before sale started, then finally got through at 12.10 and after an hour and 10 my transaction failed! Very frustrating experience

    1. Hi Garry, yep very frustrating my side also. I did read in the telegram that the max Gwei was 99, i’ll be looking for what the max is with the next ICO! It’s disappointing because it sold out so fast meaning the demand is there, I think DADI will jump up in price as soon as it hits an exchange.

  3. Hi James. I missed out because in the verification process it asked for my erc20-wallet??? I’m brand new at this & don’t know what one of these is! Can you advise me where & how I get one.

  4. Hi James,
    I got lucky and got in! It took about 15-20 mins of repeatedly trying just for the website to respond to pressing the Proceed button. It kept timing out. But as soon as it let me through to the address, I sent my Eth from metamask. I’d seen the comments on telegram about using 99 GWei and at least 200000 gas so that’s what I used and it went through after about 5 mins. I’m no expert, this was my first one too but I think you should definitely have your Eth ready to go in metamask for an ICO.
    Good luck with your next one! What do you think of Coinmetro & Babb?


  5. Andy. You said you got in – have tokens appeared in your dadi account yet?
    It says my transaction was successful, but am yet to see tokens appear on my dadi account – wondered if it was the same for you?

    1. Hi Dolores, yes my tokens were in my Dadi account, not my Wallet I sent funds from, they weren’t releasing them for a while. But they are releasing them now to your Eth wallets, you have to log into Dadi and submit a withdrawal request, it then took mine about 3 days to appear in my wallet. Make sure you have the correct Eth address registered with Dadi.

  6. Hi James, if you’re still interested in getting in on Dadi, you’re in luck! In fact you were better off NOT succeeding with the ICO. Even though Dadi haven’t officially launched on any exchanges yet, they have released the tokens to those involved in the pre-sale and the ICO, so people are already trading on a few exchanges – Idex, Gate.io & Cobinhood. The good news for you is you can now buy them at around $0.35 instead of the $0.50 that we all paid in the ICO! So you can buy in even cheaper now!!
    More frustrating for those like me who were successful in the ICO!

    Might be worth doing before they officially launch on a bigger exchange.


    1. Hi Andy sorry for the delay on this i’ve had a really busy couple of weeks with work. Its strange that they are trading so low at the moment is’nt it? I’m going to have a look into it and write something up.

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