Some good news with DADI for you today and a last call to complete your KYC if you have not done so already so.

On Monday DADI went on presale hitting it’s cap the same day. Demand is there and this is a good sign that we will see a rise in price when DADI is made available on an exchange, they have released that they plan to move to an exchange in the second quarter of 2018.

If you want to participate in the public sale on 29th January you must complete the KYC by tomorrow (25th January). If you have not already done so you can register here. The public sales starts at 12:00 UTC on 29th January which at the moment is the same as 12:00 GMT so be ready to purchase around this time to avoid missing out.

Up to now 62 readers have registered to DADI via my website. If you are following along or participating feel free to ask me anything in the comments.

10 thoughts on “DADI ICO Update

    1. Hi Karine. You just need to sign up on the DADI website by clicking here then you need to complete a KYC by tomorrow. KYC stands for Know Your Client which basically means DADI need to confirm your identity by tomorrow (25th Jan), you do so by providing them an upload of your passport and a utility bill. Once verified you will be able to purchase DADI on 29th January at 12:00 UTC.

  1. Hi James
    I registered with KYC on Sunday but my account still states that they are still verifying my ID. How long did it retake you?

    1. Hi Mick. If it still says verifying today I would try asking the question on the DADI Telegram or contacting their support.

      1. James, thanks for your advice. I eventually was verified but was not fortunate enough to obtain tokens even though I made transactions 30 mins into the sale. The transaction never left my wallet in time. Maybe next time.Thanks again.

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