New Initial Coin Offering ICO – DADI – I Will Be Investing!

After much anticipation the ICO I will be investing in is DADIRegister here to take a look around.


Using the Case Study on Ethlend I posted last week as a mould, i’m going to show you why I will be investing in DADI.

As I did with Ethlend I will be scrutinising DADI using the following equation:


DADI Project

DADI is an acronym for Decentralised Architecture for a Democratic Internet. Let’s take a look at this excerpt from their website:

DADI does things differently. It is a web services framework with data at its heart, enabling the creation of real time, individually targeted experiences driven by machine learning. No other technology stack, framework or content management system provides this functionality.

It’s Open Source; and it powers some of the largest and most popular products on the Web.

Breaking this down, in a traditional setup for web services you would buy a server or set of servers located in one place and because of this the website or web service is limited in terms of performance, also the further the person/machine loading a website or web service is away from the server then the worse the performance. With DADI a company will be paying for tens of thousands of globally interconnected VPCs which will mean better performance and localisation. DADI is pay per request and a portion of the revenue of each request will flow back the supporting network therefore incentivising VPCs. DADI is on average 90% cheaper than market leaders Amazon AWS!

DADI is not a startup like the majority of ICOs, so less risk is involved. They have been trading for 4 years with some strong clients already using their services, What Car?, Empire and Virgin to name a few.

The global web services market is worth $250 billion and is growing at 18% per year, so the market is growing and with them being far cheaper than competitors I think they will have no problem acquiring market share.

In short, I completely understand what the DADI project is trying to achieve and with the technology already proven and big players already using their services I think DADI will be an ICO worth investing in for the long term.

There has been some talk of DADI being similar to SONM which is currently trading at $0.37. There was some similarities in the project whitepapers however the differences have since been explained. Having looked at the success of Ethlend recently who had an established direct competitor at launch I do not feel that this is anything to worry about.

Project 9/10


DADI has 18 full time staff and the founders have personally invested $2 million into research and development to date.

The founders of DADI are Joseph DenneChris Mair and Will Lebens.

Read the excerpts from their website:

Joseph Denne

Joseph is the Founder & CEO of DADI, and the visionary behind DADI’s decentralized architecture and web services.

He is an expert in multi-agent and blockchain technologies as well as big data and machine learning. He was responsible for Symphony CMS and has 20+ years experience developing data and content platforms.

Joseph was previously Group Technical Director for the Leo Burnett Group, the Founder of Airlock (a multi-award winning technology company), the Technical Director at Chime Communications and a member of the technology board at the BBC. His work is known across the industry and has been recognised with multiple Webby, Lovie, Emmy, Sony and Bafta awards.

Chris Mair

Chris is a strategist and an early blockchain enthusiast, having first invested in Bitcoin in 2011.

He is a founder of DADI and is the key architect behind the decentralized business strategy. Prior to DADI he was a partner at London based technology company Airlock, where he headed the strategy division.

Before joining Airlock, Chris was the Global Head of Digital Technology for fashion brand Diesel where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the brand’s digital strategy across 33 markets worldwide.

Will Lebens

Will has been founding tech companies since 1998, specialising in content and data management. He leads the solutions and support teams at DADI, focusing on partnerships and the strategic implementation of DADI technology.

Will was previously Managing Director for technology company Airlock, where he oversaw all client relationships – and sat on the Senior Management Council at Leo Burnett Group. He was also a Non-Executive Director for Symphony CMS.

They all have experience in and around the industry possessing strong backgrounds in big data and web services technologies.

Another point to note is Chris Mair is on the core team of RaiBlocks (XRB) which is a big thing considering the pace at which XRB has taken off.

For me the fact they have already invested $2 million of their own funds and have invested 4 years of their time in the project speaks volumes.

Owners/Directors 8/10


DADI has an 18 person full time team. All the employees that you can view via the DADI online team page online have relevant experience you would expect from a company that has been already trading for 4 years. The admins within the Telegram group are active, informative and not dodging questions.

Employees/Admin 9/10


There is currently  26200 members in DADI Telegram group who are very vocal and active. Remember that the more people interested and confident in the project then the more buyers and therefore the price will go up. The community needs to stay confident however since the first sign of Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt (FUD) will result in a mass sellout and a crash in price. The Telegram community is very positive at the moment. There are other projects out there with more members however 26200 is still very strong.

Community 8/10

Overall ICO Score: 8.5/10

I will be investing 2 Ethereum when DADI goes on Public sale for $0.50 on the 29th January. If you will be following or investing let me know in the comments! Just so everyone knows my plan here I will take my initial investment out when/if the price doubles to $1.00 and leaving the rest in for the long term.
EDIT: I initially stated the ICO was being launched $0.05 however as stated above it is $0.50 per coin. They are raising $25 million at ICO stage issuing 50 million shares at $0.50 with the additional being held to go on sale at a later date. It wouldnt be much of an ICO if they where only raising 50 million $0.05 = $2.5 million. Apologies for the error.

If you want to participate in the DADI ICO then the ICO goes on public sale on 29th January 2018, you need to complete a KYC first which stands for Know Your Client and in basic terms means DADI will have to verify your identity, firstly sign up on the DADI website then you will be prompted to upload your documents and fill in a form before you can participate in the ICO. You will need to do this asap as they may close the whitelist of ICO investors at any time.

On the 29th you will need to follow the steps mentioned here How To Participate In and Buy a New Crypto Coin at Launch ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Replace ICO Account with your DADI account in the steps listed towards the bottom of the post.

Please remember that ICOs are high risk/high reward. It is possible to lose all of the funds you invest.

I will be writing about some other ICOs I like the look of over the next few months so stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “New Initial Coin Offering ICO – DADI – I Will Be Investing!

  1. Hi James the price per unit for the crowdsale appears to be $0.50 and not the $0.05 you mentioned previously. If this is the case the ico loses some.of it’s attraction. I will still be following and jumping on board although I’m struggling to see a minimum contribution?

    1. Hi Ste. You must of read my mind I was editing the above before you wrote this. It was my error!

      As I state above DADI are raising $25 million at ICO stage issuing 50 million shares at $0.50 with the additional being held to go on sale at a later date. It would’nt be much of an ICO if they where only raising 50 million $0.05 = $2.5 million. Apologies for the error.

      I will still be investing because although I made an error on the price per coin I knew they were raising $25 million at this stage (which seems fair for what they are trying to achieve), this means the value of what I am buying has not changed as DADI would have to issue 500 million coins at $0.05 to raise $25 million however they are now issuing 50 million at $0.50 to raise $25 million. So if you bought 1000 coins at $0.05 for $50 or bought 100 coins at $0.50 for $50 you have actually received the same result because you are still buying the same percentage of coins available. 1000 of 500 million coins or 100 of 50 million coins hence the investment I am making is still the same.

      I’m with you though $0.50 per coin does not sound as good as $0.05!

  2. It’s not a deal breaker as I have read up and agree that the idea is sound, and i’m pretty sure it’s going to be a long good mid to long term investment. The price being .5 and not .05 only affects the chances of a rapid 500% profit that has happened with some previous (less useful ico’s) but as that is not the main thinking behind this it is fine.

    1. Agreed Ste. I have my eye on a couple of other ICOs also. This ICO is the equivalent of buying shares in an already established company since they are already operating, have a great team and some large clients. I do think these will be one for the long term and it also would not surprise me if as soon as these hit the exchanges the price goes up due to demand. Let’s see how it plays out.

    1. Hi Charlie. They are both targeting Amazon AWS but for different services. You can read more on it here.

      Here’s an excerpt:
      “Sia is more suited to AWS S3 / Azure object Storage (at least initially). DADI is suited to AWS EC2 & AWS EBS and Azure Compute and Managed Disk. Not exactly competing – I think they can play in the same cloud ecosystem (unless DADI goes into S3/object storage)”

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