How to Buy Ripple (XRP)

One of the more popular search terms driving people towards my blog at the moment is “How to Buy Ripple”. Although you can find this information within other posts on my blog I thought I would put together a guide along with fees to make it easier to digest.

At the moment there are 2 possible ways you can buy Ripple. Using CFDs or owning the coin outright. You can see a larger write up on these options here: Why Use CFDs? I Want to Own The Cryptocoin!

In short if you use a CFD company like Etoro (link to buy Ripple on Etoro) you do not own the coin but the fees involved are a lot less because you just pay the spread difference on Etoro. Etoro still follows Ripples price and you still make the same return as you would whilst owning the coin. Etoro are also regulated so you have somewhere to take your fight if you feel aggrieved.

If you wish to own the coin outright then you will need to sign up to Coinbase.  Then you would need to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin on Coinbase, pay Coinbases fees and spread, then send your Bitcoin or Ethereum to an exchange such as Binance that also has its own fees and then exchange your Bitcoin or Ethereum for Ripple which also has it’s own spread (more fees). If you want to turn back to cash you need to do this in reverse to get your money out paying spreads and fees along the way.

Personally I use Etoro to trade Ripple, I only use the coinbase/exchange route if I am buying coins not listed on Etoro. If you would like to practise on Etoro first you can sign up to a practise account with dummy funds so you can get familiar with the system before investing.

Hope this helps!

3 thoughts on “How to Buy Ripple (XRP)

  1. Hi James,
    If I was to buy a Cryptocurrency (lets say Ripple) on Etoro how long can I keep it. Do I have to sell in a certain time or is it a case I can keep it for a long period like a few years ?

    1. Hi Thomas. There is no limit you can have a CFD open for on Etoro, for peace of mind confirm it via their support first, I’ve found them very responsive.

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