Crypto Trading Update – Why I Should NOT have sold Ripple! (XRP) – I missed out on $5213

If you would like to buy I suggest that you use Etoro. You can buy Ripple here.

This post is a follow up to: Crypto Trading Update – Why I sold Ripple (XRP).

You can see a quick recap of my close below. On the 15th December I sold $1690 for an average close of $0.77 per Ripple! Obviously you now all know how bad of a decision this was! My predictions at that time was that it would reach $1 by the end of January which would of still been profit but I had other opportunities I thought would give a better rate of return by the end of January. Cryptomania had other ideas!

Ripple Close
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Today’s price of a Ripple 20 days later is $3.

That means my $1690 (2271 Units) would now be worth $6813. My profit would have been $5213 in 20 days

I had a feeling Ripple would increase in price but this has blown my expectations out of the water. It’s a great time to be buying and holding in the Crypto world.

It does feel like I have lost $5213 but you have to take the rough with the smooth! haha! Quite a few friends and readers did hold and have made some big bucks on Ripple.

If you have made a profit with Ripple feel free to gloat and rub my face in it with screenshots to back it up in the comments section.


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