Crypto Trading Update – Why I sold Ripple (XRP)

Hi all, there’s so much happening in the Crytocurrency world right now with plenty of opportunities to make cash.

Those of you who read often will know that I bought $1600 of Ripple (XRP) on the 15th December. Since then the price has been very volatile however I have just sold the two trades I have open for $100 profit even though I believe the price will reach $1 over the next couple months, this may sound crazy but I do have good reason for this!

You can see my sale of Ripple (XRP) below. First of all if the XRP price drops to around the 0.73 mark again I will more than likely buy again and sell at 0.83 however it looks like it may keep rising now.

Ripple Close
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The reason I have sold my XRP even though I am sure it will grow is because of the traders I am currently copying. When I bought XRP on the 15th I also gave an update of my trades that I have set to automatically copy other traders.

Etoro Copy Trader Portfolio 15th December 2017

Open Etoro Positions 151217
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Now look at my portfolio today:

Etoro Copy Trader Portfolio 19th December 2017

Etoro Update 19 12 17
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Comparing the 4 day period side by side

TradeValue 15/12/17Value 19/12/17% IncreaseProfit/Loss
Jay (Jaynemesis)$2227$252813.5%$301
Mike (MicmikLikemike)$804$8151.3%$11
Stephen (Stebliss)$779$86110.5%$82

2 of my 3 Copytraders have had a great 4 days helping me rack up a total of $493 profit. That’s crazy from just $5500 invested, right?

The XRP trade I have made myself this means I have been constantly looking at the news and constantly checking Etoro every hour to make sure it is heading in the right direction, contrary to this other than look at the totals in my portfolio screen I have not checked on the copy traders trades at all. This is just one reason I have sold. When you look at this in monetary terms I am looking for XRP to get to $1 which is a 29.8% increase on the 0.77 average open I had. I think this will take a couple of months to achieve. Within this time the likes of Jay or Stephen could have not only increased by 30% but done so much sooner and they can also use this increased balance to further achieve results.

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This being said I have now moved the $1791 made available to Jay (Jaynemesis) and Stephen (Stebliss). You can see my new portfolio below:

Etoro Portfolio 191217

If you would like to chat about trading you can instant message me via Skype: innovseo, email at or to receive monthly updates on how my trades are performing you can enter your email below.

If you are interested in trading or testing the system can sign up to a practise account with $100,000 virtual currency here. This can be moved into a real account when you feel comfortable with everything. Or if you want to buy ripple you can do so here.

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